Sharing is caring…Hey Everyone! As of today, No Convention is officially disbanding. It’s been a killer run, and we’ve met a lot of super awesome bands, fans, and others along the way. This is not a sad or angry parting of ways. The band simply ran its course and we saw that this was the […]

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No Convention Opening For Eve 6!

Sharing is caring…Hey y’all! We’re opening for 90’s alt rock sensation Eve 6 on Friday, September 9 at The Boiler Room in Temecula. Along with being a huge accomplishment for us, this show also marks the beginning of a new era for the band. This will be the first show we’ve played since releasing the […]

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Welcome To Hollywood Tour Postponed

Sharing is caring…Hey everyone – due to a couple of unforseen setbacks, the Welcome To Hollywood Tour 2016 is postponed. We will be figuring out when we can get on the road in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep ya in the loop as things develop. We’re hoping that it’ll still be sometime in 2016, […]

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